How much time do you take to pass-on some information ?

Today, sit for a while and think, how much time do you require to pass-on some information to others?  Have you ever passed the information through these filters ?
  • Is it authentic ?
  • Is it necessary ?
  • Will it hurt feelings of some individual or a group if I pass it on ?
In the scientific world, the acquired information or claim can be verified in the lab by performing the experiment with the required context and conditions, but unfortunately this is not always possible in the general subjective realms. 

We pass information for a number of reasons like, 
  • Sometimes just for fun, since we laughed so we want others to laugh as well.
  • The information is urgent, so we think others (or someone) should also know it.
  • Sometimes when we want to win some argument, we rely on certain information.
  • To spread our belief system that we believe as the only way to eternal success. 

Truth and balance are the beauties of the cosmos. They look so charming to every pious mind. Everyone likes them and wants them (atleast for oneself). Every goodness can be expressed in terms of truthfulness, forbearance and tolerance. The downside of truth is when some part of it is mixed in bigger lies. It becomes more dangerous as people take the small part of truth but the bigger part of lie. We cannot imagine the repercussions for some false spread information. It has the tendency to deteriorate generations. This mixture of true and false information is a big tool or weapon to change the interpretations about certain notion. Governments do politics on partial true claims and facts. People are brainwashed through different types of medias using this mixture of information to change trends and point of views. One such thing that suffered a lot due to blind information passing and following is, off course, the religion. It has been a system of living and divine guidance at the time of revelation, a light for humanity to progress, but later on it is made just a set of beliefs with no role in governance. When it diverted from the real message, it became problem for humanity as people start to divide themselves in different classes, religions and races. On top of this, the ignorance of people multiplies the problems to many folds, such that they become enemies for indefinite times. 

In the today’s age of social networking, media and global village, information becomes viral, propagates so quickly across the boundaries. The truth is hidden in a mess of gigantic false knowledge. Even there are books available that sell the lies. It is a matter of just clicking a button to establish some kind of ABC-phobia. Everybody is connected to everyone at a few hops distance (as per Facebook network). Voice can be heard thousands of kilometers apart in the speed of light. If you have a habit of not verifying information then there are many people like you, you cannot imagine how fast your lie will travel.

So when ever you receive information, do not hesitate to be skeptic, whether it is in the favor of your belief system or not. Believe me, it is the key to your success. It will keep you safe in your life. Your decision making will be strong. You will be more reliable for others. Your voice will have a value and trust. Promise it today with yourself that you will never pass information blindly without verifying. Even if it is true, you will not pass it if it will make more problems than benefit. Above all, if it hurts the feelings of masses then forget about that information. Just wash it from your head!   

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