How to make your work day productive

What is the most precious asset that every one of us avail ? 

It’s time. How well you can utilize it ? Have you ever wondered why do some days pass look busy do nothing? If you want to know the answers to these questions then go ahead.

Before I move to my opinions, there are few points to make. These are only my point of views that I derived through my life experiences. Everybody is different and different guidelines may apply. Healthy body is very important for health of mind.

Let us come to question, why do our days sometimes pass look busy do nothing. In my opinion, we do not take into consideration, the state of mind, body, posture and time of the day altogether.

Efficient Work Time:

First of all, the research says that with a fresh mind (after good sleep), the 9 to 12 is the most efficient time duration. Focusing on very thought provoking tasks during these timings is very useful. We sometimes waste these timings in dry meeting and tedious tasks.

Sitting Posture:

Another reason is our sitting posture. We keep on sitting in the following posture for longer time and sometimes we do not realize it. This can cause the back pain problems. I have experienced that the wrong posture blocks our focus and makes us dizzy. Above all, this posture can cause loss of confidence as well. 

Mind & Body:

We sometimes do not realize that the mind and the body go hand in hand. Our eating habits and sleeping routines largely affect our focus during the day. The unhealthy and fat intensive food sometimes causes obesity resulting in lazy body and mind.  During the day, we need change our context of mind due to changes in the tasks or due to the thoughts that popup into our conscious from the back of our mind.

The tired brain will need to cope with the sleep and the tasks altogether. This makes our work to go out of focus. We consider ourselves focusing on the task, but in reality we are not focusing. Our focus on task becomes blurry and deliberation on the tasks becomes least effective outcome.
Remember that few things are common in body and mind, for instance,

  • Both get tired,
  • Both need rest, 
  • Both need energy to work well,
  • Both need to digest and process what we feed to them,
  • Both need badly effected with over feeding,
  • Hence both need best of our habits and efficient utilization.
Let us dive into the best practices. 
  • First of all, accept what is inevitable.
  • Everyone gets tired,
  • Everyone has worries in life,
  • Everyone feels sleepy during the day

It is the matter of how we tackle to these situations. 

  • Every day should be started with filled stomach and fresh mind.
  • Eat only to survive, do not survive to eat. 
  • Brain will eat up energy and starting a day with empty stomach is not good. 
  • Morning walk will add up fresh air and quick gestures in the body.
  • During the day, set a time interval, for instance one hour, try to clean up your mind, focus solely on that task. After that hour stretch your legs, have a small walk (in the office) to circulate blood, have some coffee and allow your mind to welcome the thoughts that were pushing to enter into your mind. 
  • If your mind is full of thoughts, close your eyes, sit calmly, and listen to your deep and long breathing. You will suddenly realize your mind is empty again. 
  • After the lunch time, the sleep may dominate on you. If it is possible, take a nap of 20 minutes (or have a walk in the fresh air). Refreshing the mind will cause the digestion of information and the brain will be ready to get more. 
  • In this way, we will be able to achieve a productive day. The picture should look like this,


To summarize everything, learn about your body and mind, know the best time of the day for your best efficiency, realize your posture of sitting all the time, stay focused and aim. 

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