When did you laugh out loud with your kids last time ?

If it was more than 2 days ago then remember,
  • You are too much busy earning something that you misunderstood as real happiness  
  • There is something more important out there than your family. 
  • Your child is missing your attention, an hug or a token of encouragement
  • It might be the case that in these two days, they have already attained some opinions or attitude towards life from their social gathering and have missed your rectifications, it is not very far away that it will be burned in their brain.
  • There isn’t any moment in one’s life more better than a gathering of family members laughing altogether. Despite having the whole wealth of the world, if you are not able to enjoy such moment, you are the poorest person.
  • Remember
    • They will be your ambassador of the future when you will not be around. They will represent no one other than You! It is TODAY that you need to do something about them, NOT in FUTURE.
    • Your family is one unit of the whole society, start from your home to polish this unit and hence build a better society. 
Continue with the article if you are really concerned about their bright future.

From among the several aspects of bringing up a great generation, we will focus on few points today.

  •     Virtual socialization Vs Physical socialization
  •     More opportunities Vs More challenges
  •     Better physiology Vs Better food
  •     Morality Vs Personal Goals

Virtual socialization Vs Physical socialization
Coming to the first point
  • Does your child remain out of home most of times during the day ? if yes, then remember, he or she is,
    • Missing a lot of knowledge by not reading the books
    • Missing some brain activity (behind the screens) that can be acquired through tactical and brain games, interesting softwares and videos.
    • Not communicating and socializing virtually and may lag behind other friends who are more aware of how advancements are going on in the world.
    • Not communicating with you for guidance, rectifications and possibly missing school work 🙂
  • Does your child remain inside home most of the times during the day in front of screens ? if yes, then remember
    • Too much screen and noise is not good for the healthy mind, eyesight and behavior.
    • Too much games may produce such behaviors that may irritate you soon.
    • He or she is missing the physical gathering, communication, outside play and fresh air.
    • Too much virtual presence can cause larger vulnerability that you may not be aware of.
Some tips:
  • Keep a reasonable balance between the two worlds, virtual and the physical. It is you who decide, not your child.
  • Learn to give your child a boundary and leaving him or her free in that boundary.
  • Give them incentives before they are ready for doing something good instead of punishing them after they have done something bad.
  • Keep track of their communication and gathering in the virtual and the real worlds.
  • Keep them motivated for learning something new every day, show them motivational stuff and interesting and thought provoking stories.
  • It is you who know them the best, decide what is good in virtual and physical worlds for them and filter out all the bad.
  • Remember, the best solution for a problem comes in through the window with the fresh air. The more near to nature you are the better your mind will be.
More opportunities Vs More challenges
It is generally accepted that when a generation struggles hard and suffers more, then their next generation acquires a better life as a result, whereas, if a generation gets everything ready in the plate, they tend to exaggerate enjoying those resources and go astray resulting in leaving behind tough times for their next generation.

How to break up that cycle ?
Some tips:
  • Failures teach us better lessons than success, hunger shows us better worth of food and resources than abundance.
  • Your child must learn to face darkness before you show him the light, he or she should realize what is hunger before you feed them, if you do not provide challenges to them and only the opportunities they may not know the worth of opportunities.
  • Be aware of their caliber at every age level and the limits of challenges that they can cope with, over-burden may let them stay away from the challenges.
  • Provide them at-least that much (specially when they are below 15 years of their age) that you think is enough for them and that can keep them above the “I am deprived” line.
  • When they are in the stage of building their career, let them cope with the challenges themselves, provide them nominal resources and encourage them to acquire the rest by themselves. We take an example of a young child getting into the degree project or some innovation activity, give him or her the basic resources only (a system and internet for instance) and let them find funding resources by themselves, let them take the risk and learn the lessons, only in case of bigger loss, compensate for the damages and remember that should be the last resort and not the first.
  • The best order of standings is: 
  • You should not confront their challenges, you stay behind and let them confront with the challenges. Your backing should be nominal initially or at the end (as a last resort).
  • This clear balance of opportunities and challenges will keep them on the right track throughout their lives. They will know the right worth and will struggle enough to achieve something by their own. You may not remain around them for ever, they must take away the skills to cope with challenges alone in their life.
Better physiology Vs Better food
  • Healthy body can mean a healthy mind. Extra weight causes laziness, lack of confidence, less throughput and more prune to diseases. 
  • Feed them with enough food (with your legitimate money), yes “legitimate”! If in case the money is not legitimate, it will result in very bad consequences eventually. The cause and effect will come in action soon. 
  • Rather keep your child in action by making their routine from the beginning as health-aware. The living style is very important. 
  • Too much oily, fat intensive and junk food are enemies. 
  • Teach them to keep better metabolism, better exercise routines and better sleep timings, after all these things keep their matters in the right place.
  • Understand their health problems well because sometimes they are really struggling but something stops them and it can be hidden and needs diagnosis. 
Morality Vs Personal Goals

If you have left behind only a “successful” generation, then you might have missed something badly. For every “success”, there might be a competition involved that could have caused someone else to lose. The real success is the happiness that comes by success of others as well; by keeping in view the collective success of everyone. Teach your children the value of,

  •    Morality,
  •    Selflessness, instead of self-centric interests
  •    The best character,
  •    The contribution for humanity,
  •    Collectivism and connection,
  •    Tolerance, truthfulness and forbearance
  •    Even the small gestures like
    •    Standing for an old man to offer the seat
    •    Removing some obstacle from the path etc.

The goal is not to bring up the body of your child only but also the soul and mind. 

Teach him or her the value of 
  • Relations, 
  • Humanity, 
  • Norms, 
  • Values, 
  • Respect for others and 
  • Contribution for humanity. 
Instead of being just a machine he or she must be having 
  • Feelings, 
  • Emotions, 
  • Kindness, 
  • Ethics, and 
  • High morality
Then you will be able to build up a great leaders of the future. They will represent you in future, will generate more leaders and will leave the world as a better place to live.

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