A few words about how to spend a good life in general for a Muslim

Kaaba, Mecca
1    Personal Skills, Habits and Purification        
  •     Prayers        
  •     Understanding of Quran, Hadith, Books and Ideology        
  •     Practicality, discipline of party, leadership qualities        
  •     Communication with people to know and to inform, to acquire skills to talk with others        
  •     Health and fitness is a must that keeps the mind fit, quick, sharp, busy and broader.        
  •     Time is very critical, learn to manage it well. Do all things timely and consistently        

2    Know the current affairs, necessary knowledge about terms and notions that are must to know to grow your knowledge and understandings about how the world is working 🙂
3    Keep your mind busy, do practice, solve problems, read material to know new things daily. (atleast one)
4    Exactly know and think what you have to do in your career, get the wider knowledge about mostly related things (related to the interests and field) and deeper knowledge about one thing (that you only are in the whole world). Pursue for the position and make yourself capable, worthy and deserving for that. When you get do work as Einstein.
5    Look after your family (brothers, sisters, parents, cousins, uncles, spouse, kids etc), and keep an eye on the people in your whole family, who needs what, who should be given some opportunity, make it possible and help the deserving people according to their needs and caliber. Remember, when you look after your family and relatives, God likes you and makes you near to Him and you feel inner satisfactions.         
6    Always keep in mind who owes you what, what is your current responsibility and outstandings towards others (nation, mankind, relatives, God) and be good in your dealings, commitments and trades        
7    Consistency is a must. If you have an habit of becoming motivated and passionate for two days, practice to be consistent. Slow and steady wins the race, but don’t become slow (as well), the world is very fast now.  But the point is, keep yourself motivated and passionate all the time and be consistent.        
8    Respect others, their opinions, ways of thinking, personalities, natures, habits, beliefs. Think broadly about the broader picture.
9    Divide and Rule: This is not that policy that is common  now a days to take control over the nations, I am referring to divide the problems and conquer them, solve them and rule over them 🙂        
10    Be thankful, always happier, smiling, know your shortcomings, strengths and fix and use them, help others, motivate others and keep yourself cool 🙂   

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