Algorithm for Pakistan

A party having a great leadership qualities, high morals, high esteem, far sighted imaginations, high goals and exact targets, accurate timings and vision ….. is needed to lead the nation and revolutionize the society (at different scales)…. First this party has to come into existence, that also takes time, before that a very high motivational and supreme role model shows His character and builds this party …. then at the right time they revolutionize the whole society by removing all cruelty, injustice, barbarism, slavery, and by providing basic rights, the real freedom, equal opportunities, laws and regulations, foundation for research and education and respect to every mankind (irrespective of color, race, ethnicity, religion, belief) …. Making the world peaceful will then becomes possible ……. that is the ultimate goal …. when people are encouraged by providing them such a peaceful environment and equal rights, when education and research is made common, then common people read, study, research and know their Lord by knowing His universe …. they come close to their Lord ….. they start knowing Him, their faith increases as intelligence increases it then. I believe, in Pakistan this algorithm is needed to be applied…

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