Collective Human Behavior, Divine’s Guidelines and Our Responsibilities

plasma ball digital wallpaperHuman brain is very complex, so human behavior is also very complex. Human keeps desires, unlimited expectations and wishes. When one looses something, one protests, and when someone wins something, one becomes proud of it. Everyone has emotions, feelings, that might not be able to modal mathematically; very complex. One person keeps a universe of its own in oneself.
When many people live together in a society, they collaborate, compete, coordinate and trade with each other. The collective behavior of all becomes many orders more complex than an individual’s behavior. It is nearly impossible that in such condition everyone gets the chance to survive as one wishes. There will be innumerable trade offs. The problems increase exponentially, such that a mankind is not able to devise a solution for all the problems, due to limitations of knowledge and not having the global view of all the matters. 
Here is where mankind needs guidelines …….. Divine Guidelines….
A single Power Who created each and every individual, Who created the needs and the blessings, Who created the thirst and the water, Who created all the universes and after all Who knew all the problems. He encompasses all the knowledge and He understands all the collective behaviors and the consequences of all such complex behaviors that give birth to so many social, economical, and many other dimensions of problems.
Where do Our responsibilities come into the scene then ?
rocks on sea bedBeing the intelligent most specie in this universe, being the best of the creations of God, we are given responsibilities to understand and know those guidelines and apply them on the times in which we are living, and we need to understand and apply them according to the time. Every human being, who is created by the Creator is loved by the Creator without any filter. Those who do not let others to survive with freedom are also from us. The Creator warns them, still He hates their sin and NOT them. Keeps the doors opened. He wants mankind to love each other and respect each other. He wanted mankind to be good humans, that must be distinguished from the other species like animals. He also wants mankind to connect with Him in some ways to let them purify themselves. He did not need it but He knew mankind needed it. Those guidelines make each individuals a good human being, and as well as those guidelines make the collection of those people to live in a better way with the others. He gave guidelines, how to do hard work, how to struggle, how to produce, how to spend, how to cooperate, how to trade, how to act, how to react and everything that any individual, any society, any system of living, any government any country needs. Right from the bottom to the top, the guidelines encompass everything.
orange anemone underwaterThe Creator wants everyone to ponder about the creations. The creator wants peace and justice for all so that everyone can go beyond the limited thinking of survival in terms of basic rights (food, shelter, clothes, education, health, …. ). The Creator does not like cruelty, war, ignorance, barbarism, and inequality. He said He created every blessings for all. He time to time gave the guidelines to mankind that the mankind needed to live a good life on this earth. He ordered us to understand them and make this world a peaceful place, and hence the life afterwards (as well). He likes hardwork, struggle, human effort and then belief on Him for the better results. He wants mankind to take the world to the next level. In science, in understanding of human’s innerself, the universe, the time, after all the intelligence increases the faith in Him. I said “increases”.
Why do people learn kung fu ? To beat others ? may be or may be not, to defense ? for sure. Does the knowledge and experience of kung fu have something to do with the defense ? yes offcourse, that knowledge and experience is there to be applied when someone needs defense. What if he does not apply it ? No results.
Unfortunately, we are doing the same. If a guideline had nothing to do with the problems of mankind, what is the meaning of existence of that guideline ? What it is for ? These are for the success in this and the next world so we need to ponder and get benefit from all of them in every stage where we need them.
Furthermore, it is very unfortunate that we restricted those guidelines and limited them to rituals. When the meaning of something is “peace for all”, will it not expect us to bring peace in the world using it ? How will we bring the peace ? These guidelines give the aim for us in this life and ALSO the way to achieve that aim, that is peace for all, freedom for all. How will that happen, it is OUR responsibility to extract from those guidelines and apply them to achieve this. Believe me, we will be caught answerable for our wisdom, blood and energy that we have. We need to come out of non-issues and should ponder about the right direction and should act.

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