Conscious living results in personal growth

So, what does it mean to live the conscious life today more consciously? All is said and done. It is a form of present in the moment, all the circumstances of your life and all your relationships, where you are able to filter your experience and see what is happening in such a way that you can make choices that you can recognize the wrong directions that you can catch a negativity before it poisons your day so unnecessarily that you can save a relationship or situation by choosing the peaceful approach that you can recognize your patterns of behavior and choose the transcendence.

This is a vigilance over oneself. This is at the heart of the greatest spiritual teachings the very essence of what Yeshiva brings into humanity. This awareness of, as the parable says from the Gospel of Thomas, standing at the height of your vineyard and seeing where the thief enters, what is the thief to know ourselves enough that we can identify the pride envy, anger, bad attitudes that steal from us not just our moments but our very life.

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And as we live more consciously see that bigger picture will recognize the astonishing brevity of existence. The critical urgency to live it rightly to not hope for peace but to become peace. Because in that peace is found the stability, the centering, the remembrance that tunes us into the great silence and whispering of the Spirit that settles us and allows us to see our life from beginning to end and make those choices that determine our destiny.

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To live consciously is not a matter of believes, matter of preferences but truly life and death. To choose to live in that fullness of life, which is our birthright which eludes us continually, because of the stimulus all around us of the wrong living, of others who model for us, of the aggressive assault of culture and all senses, to pull away to rediscover ourselves our deeper selves can happen without having to travel deep into nature and escape it all and hope that some of it will remain with us, when we return into the world. But to have access right here and now to that depth, to that will, to that understanding that will allow you to claim here.

Rootedness in spirit the plenitude of life in this moment rather than to witness it be eaten away like a thousand piranhas what a corpse all the little things the petty things of ordinary everyday life. But still this mystic treasure, which is existence itself, so I urge you to discover taste rediscover that which can be found through these teachings through other teachings that truly guide us into the depths of our being, connect us to the world in a quantum way, lift us out of all you in crustaceans of life and environment pain, allow us to truly breathe that air that freedom which is a rebirth to who we truly are.

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