Google Earth for your life

turn on black Android smartphoneZoom out your life, navigate to the starting point and then move towards your present by following the path that you have been following. See what you have learned, what you have lost, which causes brought which effects, which decisions ended in good and which one ended in the bad results. Deeply think about the other alternatives (from your start to the current position in life) of paths that might have been better for you and others (as far as the goal and destination are concerned).
Zoom in to your current location (your present), update and fine tune some parameters, if things are not clear then zoom out again and see what direction and what path you have to choose, find out what was your destination (that was supposed to be), filter out the best path (siraat-e-mustaqeem) from many alternatives, plan and get directions to reach there, join people of wisdom and plan jointly, reach the destination ….
photo of outer space
We people are living an ad-hoc life, we do not know what we have to do and where we have to go in life. We have put ourselves on time, whereas people of mind change the times according to them… We people close our eyes, when we see cruel acts going on some other by some third person. We can ONLY start protesting and crying when it happens with our close ones. We do not think about what rights mankind should get, we do not join hands, we do not think, we do not struggle, we do not study and research the aim of life, we do not work hard to make the world beautiful and peaceful. Our view is local, limited and constrained. We should learn to see the overall picture and plan things well for ourselves and for the mankind. We should care for our values …… We are like MS DOS, with cls given on the command prompt, completely blind and empty

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