The change making selected people aim to upgrade the morals of common people

people inside high-rise building with concrete wallThe most beautiful, ultimate and legitimate world is a world of people with high morals. Those people, who are selected and who bring change in the world actually try to bring the same scenario in the world. In Islamic point of view, the high morals come in the general and common people when there are certain prerequisites prevailing in the world and when a few practices are observed. Those prerequisites are actually absence of something, and that something is a set of obstacles that do not generally let the morals to upgrade. For example, when there is common exploitation, injustice, and un-equal opportunities and basic rights of life for common people, when there is cruelty and people are polarized and fight due to some non-debatable issues, the morals can never upgrade for common people (although exceptions are always there but in general all people do not come in exceptions. Most people become demoralized). Those selected and change making people remove all of these obstacles. The second integral necessity is a set of practices that should be observed to upgrade the morals and these practices contain education (such that common people get well educated besides highly educated) and contact with Almighty with the rituals. When all of the above conditions are fulfilled, the good education of the common people, with the availability of merit, justice, equality, common interests and proper rules and regulations (that do not exploit any one, with any religion, race, color), and progress for all in getting technical and moral education plus observing the rituals like contacting with God in one or the other way and observing other good things like fasting etc bring in high morals in common people (someone could ask, some non-Muslims may not be observing all the rituals and still have high morals, I think these rituals are very much helpful for us to achieve high morals in the above conditions, non-Muslims may also observe their rituals according to their beliefs and I think absence of rituals always leave some gap and still they lack the highest degrees of morals, this is at least my experience). They start loving and caring for each others. Beautiful and justified environment keeps everyone satisfied and the rules and regulations keep everyone on the straight path (no one even dares to exploit anyone with any mean). After this a few decades and handwork of the common people along with the justified states are needed to build up the nations and the society of the whole world then contains one ultimate quality and that is peace 

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