May 1st World Labor Day!

The hard worker is God’s friend.”Hazrat Muhammad PBUH

“The emperor’s remuneration cannot be more than any laborer.”
Abu Bakr Sadiq (RA)
“The real footing of the wealth is hard work, the system in which laborer is exploited, is to be eradicated from the roots.”
Hazrat Shah Waliullah Mohdith Dehlawi
“After having labor from laborer, not giving or delay in paying his wages, is sinful act which is enough to be taken into Hell.”
Maulana Shah Abrar ul Haq
“It will best when the laborer leader is also a laborer and the laborer is also equipped with affluent facilities.”
Hazrat Wasif Ali Wasif
“The marks (wounds) on the hands of a laborer are valuable than the mark on the forehead of a devout.”
Maulana Obaidullah Sindhi
“All investors are scrambled from head to toe to the blood of the working class.”
Karl Marks
“This society is thriving from the work of the laborer and the laborer wants the government of the people.”
Bhagat Singh
“Cruel are the communities where people who live on other’s expenses are considered ‘noble’, whereas people who work with hands iron workers, lumberman, barbers, shepherds, etc. are considered inferior.”
Bacha Khan Baba
“I want a revolt against everybody who makes us to work very hard but does not pay for that.”
Saadat Hassan Muntoo
“Cheap are those wealthy people of city who drink laborer’s blood day and night.”
Habib Jalib
The righteous command is “Lisa Alanas-ul-Ma’a See”
Why would investor eat fruit of hard work of laborer?
Allama Muhammad Iqbal
May 1st World Labor Day!

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