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The purpose of the Facebook page, Motimazing, Motivational and Amazing” is three-fold.
  • Recognize and Organize Your “Self”
  • Be a peaceful citizen of this world
  • Find the ultimate truth – The true God 
In order to spread the light, the light-bulb has to burn itself from the inner-self. To guide and lead others, one has to polish oneself first. Without recognizing the true potential hidden within the soul and mind, and organizing ourselves on a proper track, we will be going no where. For this purpose, I will be posting different videos and articles to make the body and mind productive, for instance, some mind boggling puzzles (for the health of the brain), health tips (for the health of the body), because healthy body leads to healthy mind. There will be articles on general right attitude towards things, following good processes and using the time, energy and resources wisely for success in life. How to keep the balance in your family and your work, how to build a successful next generation and leave the world a beautiful place to live. I will also be posting articles and videos about innovations, products and inventions that can keep the mind energetic and up to date. I will be posting videos on  interesting and amazing things for awareness and for motivation and inspiration as without them the life is so dull  and work having no fun is worthless.  

Besides making everyone self-sufficient, healthy in mind and the body to be productive and to live the life with dignity, everyone has to become peaceful citizen of the world. Let us keep it straight. Are you a believer of something ? Keep the belief, as you are free to have any belief. For example, people believe in God, but they cannot scientifically prove the existence of God. Some, on the other hand, dont want to agree with the concept of God, it is also a belief that God does not exist, not scientifically disproved. Everything is a belief, whether it is existence or non-existence of God, no one has proof. It is a choice for everyone to keep a belief. So let us respect everyone’s belief and not divide ourselves among ABC and XYZ. If you encounter an human being, treat it as human first. Consider the whole world as just a single country and you all are the peaceful citizens. Believe me, you will save alot of time that can be wasted on debating about enmity, disagreements, imbalance of rights and differences. For this, I will be sharing videos, articles and motivational quotations which can build up minds to take the whole humanity under an umbrella, because the only division that can be made in the world is between the peaceful humans and the rest. 

I am a believer in God (please respect my belief). I believe that He exists and is so beautiful.  But there are many wrong numbers spread in the world. There are many wrong interpretations and perceptions spread in the world about the true nature of God. The only reality of life is that we are heading towards Him and will be held answerable (again my belief). There are indicators that convince me about His existence but again I would say it is my belief. I also believe that He has given us general guidelines that we can use in every era to devise a good living system of the state to bring things in order. I will be posting videos, articles and quotations about the clarifications, perceptions and true sense of being a believer of God. There is no compulsion on anyone to agree with my beliefs and logics.

Being polished from the inner “self”, (intelligence, character, ethics and morality), being good and well-wisher of everyone (without the glasses of religion, race, ethnicity or anything) and being well connected with the true God: meaning, polish your “self” to be good for the whole humanity in order to remain in sync with God is the true aim of life. 

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