The 10 best phones of 2019

One of the phones that have raised more expectations in recent months has finally seen the
light: the details of the Huawei P30 Pro have been presented today and, with a price starting
at 999 euros, it is already the most expensive phone in the world. firm. If its predecessor
surprised last year with a triple camera in the back, a trend that has followed some of the
best phones of 2019, this comes to improve the previous generation with a quad lens.
His arrival, that does come late, especially if we think it was planned for the last Mobile
World Congress (MWC  Despite its absence, the technological appointment of Barcelona
was closed with the presentation of Samsung’s first folding mobile, the  Galaxy Fold,
which practically launched hand in hand with the Galaxy S10, another of the bets of the
South Korean firm for this year . On the other hand, in 2019 we have known some of the
first devices compatible with the 5G, a technology designed to replace the 4G and improve
the browsing speed and data usage of our phones.
So that you can compare phones before choosing, in our ranking you will find the latest releases
of the big firms, some of which can be found already in stores, although others have not
reached the market. As it is updated periodically, you will have at your disposal and at all
times a clear assessment of the best phones of 2019.

10. Google Pixel 3 XL

  • Free price:  from 949 euros
  • Expert rating:  3.5 / 5  
At first, glance, what strikes the attention of the  Google Pixel 3 XL is, as its name suggests,
the size of the device, with a  6.3-inch screen that takes advantage of almost the entire surface
of the phone and a fingerprint reader digital in the back. Another attraction of the phone is the
rear camera with a double lens of 12 MP  and the front of 8 MP.
For the rest, it has a  4 GB RAM and the user can choose between a  storage capacity of 64 GB
or 128 GB. In addition, it is available in three colors: a pale pink, white and black.

9. ZTE One Plus 6

  • Free price: from 500 euros
  • Expert rating: 4/5
In May 2018 we finally got to know the  ZTE One Plus 6, one of the bets of the Chinese firm
last year. With 6, 28 inches of the AMOLED screen and rushed frames, this phone is one of
the most interesting of our list if you look at the price, with a more affordable cost than
other models of the brand. That does not mean that it is well equipped: it has a  face and
fingerprint reader and, since the camera is one of the most important things today, it
does not disappoint in this sense: it brings a 16 MP and 20 MP dual located on the back and
one on the front with 16 MP for your selfies. In addition, the ZTE One Plus 6 comes with
a memory 8 GB RAM, a Snapdragon 845 processor and the OxygenOS operating system.

8. Sony Xperia XZ3

  • Free price: from 799 euros
  • Expert evaluation: 4,5 / 5  
The Xperia XZ3 presents a six-inch OLED screen with hardly any frames and curved reminiscent
of the terminals of other firms, but Sony has opted to unify the design of this phone with that
of some of the best phones last year does not prevent It sneaks into our ranking.
Equipped with a Snapdragon 845 processor, it has a RAM of 4 GB and a storage capacity of
512 GB. As having a quality camera is already a requirement for any high-end phone, the
Sony Xperia XZ3 has a rear lens of 19 MP and a front of 13 MP and a bokeh effect to give more
depth to your captures.

7. LG G8 ThinQ

  • Free price: to be determined
  • Expert evaluation: 4,5 / 5  
One of the best mobile phones introduced so far this year is the LG G8 ThinQ, a phone that, like
its predecessor, has almost non-existent frames and a QHD + 6.1-inch LCD screen. This phone is
one of the first of the firm to launch the Snapdragon 855 processor. In the LG G8, you will find
a  triple rear camera with 16 MP the main lens and 12 MP in the other two and, for your selfies,
an 8 MP front that allows you to focus up to three people and give it a bokeh effect
(with the background out of focus) your captures

6. Xiaomi Mi 9

  • Free price: from 449 euros
  • Expert rating: 4/5
Xiaomi Mi 9  that, with a price that does not reach 500 euros in its most basic version, is an
interesting option if you do not want to spend a fortune on renewing your phone, but you do
not want to give up the high range either. The latest device of the Chinese firm has a  6.93-inch
screen and its design, like that of the Mi 8, evokes that of the latest iPhone, other of the best
phones in our ranking.
As for the camera, it has a triple lens on the back, which incorporates three sensors of 48 MP, 12
MP and 16 MP. In the front, so you can make good selfies, the camera is 20 MP. It works with a
processor Snapdragon 855 and Android 9.0 and can be purchased with a memory of 6 GB or
8 GB of RAM and about 128 or 256 GB of internal memory.

5. Samsung Galaxy S10 +

  • Free price: from 1,009 euros
  • Expert rating: 5/5
Although its presentation at the  MWC 2019 was no surprise, one of the novelties of this edition
has been the  Samsung Galaxy S10 +, which has come accompanied by its Galaxy S10 + version,
which will be one of the best mobile phones in the market in 2019. At first glance, this model
does not present many differences compared to the previous one in the range, but it innovates in
photographic quality, incorporating a triple rear camera with 16 MP, 12 MP and 12 MP.
On the front, you will find a dual lens with 10 and 8 MP.
With an integrated Exynos 9820 processor and an 8 GB RAM and up to 512 GB of storage, one of
the novelties of this phone is that it will be the first of the South Korean manufacturer that will
incorporate Android 9 Pie.

4. iPhone XS Max

  • Free price:  from 1,259 euros
  • Expert rating:  5/5  
Last autumn Apple again tried to turn the mobile phone market with a new release. This year, for
lack of one, the firm has released three devices: the  iPhone XS and XS Max , an evolution of the
iPhone X that served to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the firm, and the iPhone XR , a
more affordable option (although in its “cheapest” version does not fall below 859 euros).
Although the three are models with possibilities to enter our list of the best mobile phones in the
market in 2018, the most complete of all is the iPhone XS Max, 100 euros more expensive than the
This phone has  6.5 inches of screen that occupy the front without any bevels (which makes it the
iPhone with more screen in the history of the brand). If the  Face ID technology was the main
attraction of its predecessor, this phone is its A12 Bionic processor, which in theory will improve
the speed of the phone by 50%.
It has a double rear camera and a powerful front for making selfies. It will be the first to release
the iOS 12 operating system, which aims to improve the possibilities of playing with augmented
reality or improve the photographic assistant of the device. It is available in three different models:
with 64 GB, 256 GB and 512 GB.

3. Huawei P30 Pro

  • Free price:  from 999 euros
  • Expert rating:  5/5
March 26 has been the date chosen to know the Huawei P30 Pro, which automatically makes the
leap to the first positions of the best mobile ranking of 2019. In front of the previous generation,
this year’s comes with a larger screen (the 6.1-inch OLED of the P30 Pro grows to 6.47 inches ),
but also adds a fourth lens to the back. Thus, the user will find a Leica quad camera that consists
of a 40 MP wide-angle lens, an ultra-wide-angle 20 MP, a telephoto lens of 8 MP and a TOF sensor
with 40 MP. In the part frontal, you will have a camera of 32 MP.
The Huawei P30 Pro has a RAM of 8 GB, but can be purchased with a storage capacity of 128 GB,
256 GB or 512 GB. In addition, this phone also evolves in the operating system (going from Android
8 to the most updated version 9 Pie ) and improves the processor that has integrated (which goes
from Huawei Kirin 970 to Kirin 980 ).
The most basic price that will go on sale on March 27 is 999 euros and will be available in amber,
nacre, a blue “Aurora” and black.

2. Samsung Galaxy Fold

  • Free price: from 1,980 euros
  • Expert rating: 4/5
From April 26 you can buy the Samsung Galaxy Fold, with an impressive starting price of 1,980
euros. What does this phone have to enter our ranking of best phones in 2019?
For starters, it is the first folding phone of the South Korean firm, which places you halfway
between a mobile phone and a tablet. This phone has an external screen of 4.6 inches, which is
complemented by the folding screen of 7.3 inches  Infinity Flex Display.
With a memory of 12 GB, this phone has a storage capacity of 512 GB and, as with the Galaxy S10 +,
it works with the Android 9 Pie operating system. In addition, it will be marketed with a version 5G
and another LTE

1. LGV50

  • Free price: to be determined
  • Expert rating: 5/5
The LGV50 is an example of what we can expect in high-end mobile telephony this year: to begin
with, it has been one of the MWC devices compatible with 5G technology. In addition, to its
6.4-inch screen, you can incorporate a second external screen, which is connected to the main
one as an accessory, which does not stop being a way to sign up to the trend of flexible surfaces
of phones like the Galaxy Fold.
This phone incorporates a Snapdragon 855 processor, a 6GB RAM and a storage capacity of 128 GB.
In addition, it has a rear camera of the triple lens with 16 MP, and two with 12 MP, in addition to
a front camera with 8 MP.

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