How to Live Purposeful Life

Each of us have been dreaming for our future, and we plan to make these dreams realistic. Some dreams are put in our minds since childhood. As the age increases, the number and nature of our dreams change. The purpose of education is to fulfill dreams too. What are dreams? It’s just a happy and prosperous life. A good job, strong and quiet house, wife, baby etc. etc. There are some desires that become the purpose of our life.

All our lives keep moving around these desires. From morning to evening, some people stay in the middle of the night (to accomplish their dreams). In our society, it is the usual routine of every person’s life. From a factory’s labor to the software engineer sitting in a cool room, from a fruit-seller to a factory owner, everyone is going to tune in. Look all the way, there is a race everywhere in the community and that is everybody has to fulfill their dreams. Everybody is worried about himself and his family.
In this run our lives entire become a routine. From morning to night, we work like a programmed machine. The machine was closed in the night and someone started that in the morning again. The majority of the people are accustomed to the same routine and uniformity. But there are people in the society that have felt this often and again that ‘what kind of life is this? ‘,’ I’m remained just a machine ‘, “It seems life has become purposeless.” And at times, we also recommend this to ourselves and our friends that we are becoming a bull of crusher. If it is seen, this objection looks very suitable. Wake up early in the morning, get out for work, tired at night and fall on the bed, wake up early in the morning again. With apologies! This schedule of the day is the same as a quadruped. He also arises in the morning. Leaves for the work with the owner. Returns in the night and the next day the same thing.

Just think about it. What is our life cycle? Birth, growing up, earning bread, begetting off springs, dying. But this cycle is also a life cycle of animals. There should be some difference between the life of a human being and an animal.

In the Universe, humans have a great position. God has honored him the great authority in the universe. The road map of person’s life should also be in accordance with its position and place. Man’s life cannot be useless. And for the things we live in all our lives are our needs but not the goal. As human being, our aim is something else and we need to consider it.

Nature has given such a privileged position to human beings due to his qualities. Hazrat Shah Waliullah Dehlawi states that a basic feature of human being is that he is altruistic i.e. he also thinks about other people besides himself. The person’s quality is that he simply does not think about himself, but he thinks for other humans and often works for the good of other humans, without caring for his life and property. The root of animal’s life is its own life and its children, while the purpose of man should be superior than animal’s.

Well, this problem might not be of a common public, for those bread earners, there is only two-time bread. But society’s middle, wise and educated people should think about it. They should set some goal for their lives. Along with your needs, you should also understand your collective responsibility.

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This is the difference between a common human and a great human being that the common human lives for his own selfish desires, while a great human being favors for a higher purpose. Life passes anyway, then why not get any higher purpose. And in today’s era, what will be a big purpose for us to go out of our self-centeredness and think collectively. As a human being, we are part of this community and we have to be one collectively for improving the society.

Departing from our usual selfish life we should make purpose for our life and plan to achieve that goal. Now it depends on us how we aim for it. Everyone lives for oneself, let’s us make purpose to live life for others.

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