Teach Your Children Computer Programming

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All parents wish that they arrange good education and training for their children, and create skills and capabilities within their children to achieve success in every field.

If you want to make such skills within your children, looking at the requirements of this digital era, the beautiful move is to teach your children computer coding. By this process, not only will your child start making new programs from younger age but also will be able to make such benefits that will benefit them in other areas of life.
What is the Programming?

Coding or programming is a process in which a program should be written using Computer Language, which can be used to run on a computer or mobile. This program is called software. This software may be a video game, a mobile application is also software or a software program to control home appliances. There can be any work from accounting software to control the space crafts.
Believe me, it’s not hard at all, if your child can solve the mathematical question, or create new things through LEGOS. If you want to learn new things, then you can learn coding too. Take a laptop and start online course. If you have your own background, you can guide them yourself otherwise an IT expert can be consulted.

Learning coding is not just necessary for children who want to go to the IT sector in the future but also like English and mathematics programming will help them in every field of life. That is why children in the United States and Europe countries have already begun to teach children programming or coding.
Why should kids end up programming? The answer is that through the programming process, when the child understands what he is capable of, he will write the file on the paper or think it and then thinks new ways in mind to solve it. And according to his mind, he writes the program by working the appropriate solution. Then he tests it. If there is any issue or shortcoming, he makes changes to the program and runs it again. Please think! In such a process, how many new things the child can learn to work ahead in the future. Go to any field, by this skill, he will create a special place in this sector.
Below are some benefits of teaching children programming.
     Coding is a fun thing and the kids enjoy it. When your child writes the code and operates it, it is very good to see your program running. Today, there are applications and websites where children are taught programming in fun. Kids enjoy and also do coding software.
       Coding creates creative capabilities hidden inside the children. In his mind coding problems arises new ideas. If he learns to control a bulb through coding today, then he will have the idea of ​​controlling home lights or your home bell through your mobile. By doing so, he might bring many creations tomorrow that can be useful and unique idea for the society.
           There are many ways to solve a problem. Through programming, when the child thinks how to solve the problem and uses it to bring improvement, it is a mental exercise and opens its mind. There are thoughts in every mind, but few people can give these ideas the color of reality. By coding, children can create a name in society by giving those ideas the form of a useful application. They will control the home appliances automatically, make video games or make an application for children’s education.
    Children can get the ability to solve problems from programming at the younger age. For example, through coding, they can help you to solve many issues of your home or office. You will make an app to teach your younger siblings.  When a software starts running through a coding, a child will get passionate. When he makes you an application for your shop accounting, if he gets a success at this younger age, it will help him to move forward.

7.    At the end, remember that the ability and skill within your child will be born from 10 to 15 years. This can arrange permanent or temporary employment for himself through this skill before going to college or university.
The suggestion is that programming should be included as optional section in the school curriculum and if there is a movement at the institutional level, there can be very good results. For this media, society and government should work together.

Today, it is a good opportunity for summer holidays to arranged for your children to learn coding. For this you can enter an organization or provide them the opportunity through free the available websites and apps. Below are some websites mentioned that kids are very good and free to learn coding.

1. Scratch
2. Tynker
3. Stencyl
4. Code.org
5. CodeAcademy

It is important to note that the purpose of programming is not that children should be programmer, but its aim is to educate the children that their mind get open and they can achieve such skills in the future. The child’s tendency should also be seen whether or not he really likes it. Therefore, children are not made to learn programming but with interest and dedication.

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